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Information about activity of International charitable foundation "Open heart"

International charitable foundation "Open heart" functionates in Ukraine since 1992. Officially it was registered 27.11.1998, but it already started his charitable activity in 1992. Charital activity spreads in many regiones of Ukraine: in Zhytomir region, in Chmelnytsky, Kherson, Cherkassy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zakarpattya regions and also in Crimea and in the city of Kyiv. The major direction of fund's work is- charitable, humanitarian, social help to the poor ans unfortunate families, to the families with many kids, to the disabled people, to the lonely pensioners and also to the drug and alcohol addicted people who has left without home and without any facilities for existence.

The fund has opened charitable canteens, where every day near 3,800 of kids from poor families eat hot tasty dinners. (big part of canteens is ;ocated in Zhytomir region. In Kyiv there is such canteen in Dniprovsky region of city)

Thanks to fund's support in Zhytomir charitable kindergaten has started to work and near 270 children attend it. Also, during more than 10 years in Zhytomir rehabilitation centre has been working for those who set free from prison. International fund has helped Zhytomir' prison and other disciplinary establishments (computers, mattresses, medicine, food, vitamins, clothes, humanitarian clothes and etc.)

Fund also organises enormous product actions for poor and deprived classes of population, where every time more than 10,000 tonn of food is being given away to people. And also it was such usefull action this year in the city of Dnipropetrovsk- we have helped to kids who were born in prisons.

The fund has 3 big lorries and 12 buses. Almost every month tens of tonnes of humanitarian help is brought from Norway and given away to needy people. General weight of this help is more than 60 tonnes.

Staff of fund number more than 500 workers ( except volunteers)
Fund has opened and still provides with money 26 rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol addicted people (both for men as well as for women) and for people who were prisoners early in different regions of country. Such rehabilitation centres are located in Korosten, Ovruch, Irshansk, Malyn, Vinnytsya, Novograd-Volynsky, Brovary and Saint-Petersburg. Each summer kids camps open their doors for kids-orphans, for kids of poor families and kids of refugees. During the whole summer more than 3,500 kids get recovery in all fund's camps.

The biggest fund's camp is situated in Zarichany village (not far from Zhytomir city). During the summer it takes near 1,000 of children.

The fund always collaborates with state government and also with representatives of towns and regions for to know a direction of social politics and to be able to give social and humanitarian help in necessary place in correct time.

The founder of International charital fund is a norwegian mission "Open heart", wich is headed by famous missionary from Norway Halward Hasseloy.

Since 1998 Internationall charital fund "Open heart" realizes its charital activity in capital of Ukraine- in Kyiv, in Dniprovsky region of city.

The fund's workers pay their attention to all the children without exceptions. Kids share their problems and get some psycological help and also get necessary clothes, shoes, presents and meals.

In fund there are also clubs for amateur art activities and for intresting lections about nice and healthy way of life( about harmfull influence of early sexual relations, smoking, drinking alcohol and use of drugs

After all, every kid has such a possibility as to have a rest in health-improving camp "Blagodat" ("Grace") wich is situated right out of Zhytomir in picturesque place - in the piny forest on the bank of river Teteriv. This year 230 kids from the Dniprovsky region of Kyiv had their rest there. All of them were very glad and satisfied with camp. Many of them comes to camp not for first time but- for second, third time and more... "Blagodat" camp is equipped in a modern way, has all the necessary facilities. Kids get 5-times meals a day and spend their time playing different intresting games, making some crafts, singing songs and playing in amateur theatre= so kids have full-fledged and valuable rest.

Each months needy families get food packages wich consist of 6 main kinds of products: sugar, flour, oil, bread products and poridge products. During the last year more than 600,000 of people got a humanitarian help in different forms.

During many years of collaborations different organisations have sent to the "Open heart" a lot of letters with thanks for help and support.

"Open heart" mission controls work of its funds in all sphers of their activities, verifies a corectness of money use, wich was gathered exactly for charitable activity.

"Open heart" mission has international experience of work with kids of streets and kids of unfortunate families and so has special programs for their rehabilitation.

  " For last year a big help was given to the refugees, to the participants of Anti-Terrorist Operation and to the soldiers who have been    wounded and also to the families of those who has died. Each week fund gives away more than 2,000 of product bags in Donetsk and Lugansk regions: in Popasne, Dzerzhinsk, Avdiivka, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk and in many other cities. And  fund helps the refugees in many different cities of Ukraine, for example helps with feeding people in charital canteens and helps with: product sets, clothes and shoes."

Ryslan Mykhalchyk

Buravkova Nadiya Mykhailivna is a vice-president and co-founder of "Open heart" fund, and she is also a director of Zhytomir department. Nadiya Mykhailivna has made a serious сontribution into help all of these people.

Our units worldwide

"Open heart" - is humanitarian foundation, wich works on a christian basis. It was founded in the 1980-s. Foundation constantly helps to the poor people in Eastern Europe.


Ukrainian department of International charital fund "Open heart", wich is specialised in help to the poor needy people.


Czech department of International charital fund "Open heart", wich is specialised in help to the poor needy people.